Amir Khatibi

M.Sc. LNCC/Rio de Janeiro - RJ Brasil

I'm a master student at the Laboratório Nacional de Computação Científica (LNCC), Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro, working under supervision of Prof. Fabio Porto. I've Graduated in Information Technology from the University of Isfahan, Iran (2011) with an emphasis on Database and Information Systems. At the moment, I'm writing my dissertation which is related to find patterns in Big Data. The patterns that I consider can be a set of well-defined objects or may be defined by a descriptive language. I'm in favor of improving the techniques both conceptually and technically, especially, in the case of Big Data. Moreover, I involved in several IT projects and I have experiences working with Big Data at companies like EMC, Rio de Janiero.

  • Amir Khatibi
  • May 10, 1988
  • LNCC
  • 25651-075 Petrópolis - RJ
  • (24) 22336171

Areas of Interest

  • Big Data

    Scientific Data Management

    Data Mining and Machine Learning

    Database and Information Systems

    Parallel and Distributed Query Processing


  • "Unveiling objects in Big Data - Distance Matching", Khatibi, A., Porto, F, Shasha, D., Valduriez, P ,(under review)

    "Unveiling objects in Big Data – using model based approach", Khatibi, A., Porto, F, Shasha, D., Valduriez, P, Pires, P., submitted to International Transactions in Operational Research journal (ITOR 2015), July 2015.

    "Unveiling objects in Big Data - using similarity approach", Khatibi, A., Porto, F., poster in International workshop Many Faces of Distances, University of UNICAMP, Campinas, Brazil, Oct 2014.

    “The first Web-based preventive maintenance (IPM) software for the Department of Highways and Transportation of Isfahan”, Khatibi Moghadam, A. H., Ayati, S. H., published in the booklet of 1st Integrated Maintenance System Conference, Page 119-128, Tehran, Iran, 14 and 15 February 2011.

    “Studying the influence of our recently developed preventive maintenance software (IPM) on reducing the costs and improving the efficiency of vehicles maintenance in the Department of Highways and Transportation of Isfahan”, Khatibi Moghadam, A. H., Ayati, S. H., presented at 6th International Physical Asset Management conference, Tehran, Iran, 2010.


    "Seismic Pattern Queries", member of initial inventors, EMC Brazil Nov 2014. approved by United States Patent and Trademark Office, Mar 2015.


  • Researcher at projects "Seismic Data Interpretation" and "Oil Product Optimization" at EMC - Brazil. 2014 till now.

    Analysis, design and deploying the Inventory and Asset Management System for Ghavamin Bank (to use in about 500 branches) with Seyagh System Builder in Service-Based Architecture - Sahar Rayaneh Sepehr Corp, Iran, 2012.

    Analysis, design, programming and deploying the first Iranian Web-based preventive maintenance (IPM) software within the Department of Highways and Transportation of Isfahan, Iran - Aramin IT Corp, Iran, 2009-2011.)

    Software Proficiency:

    -Science related: Big Data analytic, Spark framework,, Hadoop framework and Map Reduce programming paradigm, Machine learning techniques (clustering and classification algorithm), Weka software, Data Mining, Maintenance Management systems(CMMS), Seismic Data Interpretation and Optimization

    -Programming languages: Microsoft Visual Studio(C#, C++, ASP.Net), Python, Java, Matlab, R

    -Database related: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services and Reporting Services, OLAP (On-line Analytical Processing)

    -Modeling Software: IBM Rational Rose, Microsoft Visio

    -Web related: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, AJAX, Microsoft IIS

    -Network related: Socket Programming, Ethereal, Ettercap, Wireshark, Network Protocols, Cryptography

    -Financial and MIS systems: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Inventory Management, Asset Management, Accounting, Shipping, Sales Order Management, Treasury, Payroll

    -Others: Linux, Windows, Office software

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  • Av. Getúlio Vargas, 333, Quitandinha, Petrópolis

  • Email:
  • Phone: (24) 2233-6171

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