Softwares developed on the Gypscie project.

Software 1


SAVIME (Simulation Analysis and Visualization In MEmory) is a DBMS-like system that stores data in the format of typed multidimensional arrays. It is desgined to help querying and vizualize numerical simulation data. However, it can also be used as an analytical in-memory array database management system. SAVIME is at early development stages, and supports only a handful of operations. But it is already able to perform many tasks, even for large datasets in memory..

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Software 2


CleanerR is an R language pack developed by Rafael Silva Pereira in the laboratory DEXL LAB, which uses a method based on Functional Dependencies and Information Theory to give a column or set of objective columns to be predicted, it finds the subset of attributes more relevant for predicting these target columns, seeking to minimize entropy distribution of target columns.

It has its best results to predict catgorgoric attributes, to predict continuous functions, attributes must be discretized, or use another method. The packet has the ability to further detect which attributes are relevant to predict another, to use these to fill in missing values from the model it constructs through a conditional probability view.

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