Raquel Lopes Costa

PhD candidate - LNCC - Brazil

I'm PhD student in Computational Modeling at LNCC (National Laboratory for Scientific Computing, Petrópolis Brazil). MSc in Bioinformatics in same institution and undergraduate in biological science from the UFOP (Federal University of Ouro Preto). My personal interests are a set of methods and infrastructure to integrate high throughput data in the 'omics' technologies. These approach include classifications methods, R language, scientific workflows and databases. In biological models, I'm interest in host virus systems network (particularly SIV, HIV and dengue), phylodynamics analysis in virus, regulatory networks, barcoding life.

  • Raquel Lopes Costa
  • LNCC
  • 25651-075 Petrópolis - RJ
  • quelopes@lncc.br
  • (24) 22333561

Areas of Interest

  • Systems biology

    Genetic Regulatory Network

    Database and scientific workflows in 'omic' technologies

    Virus host interactions


  • Costa, RL ; Voloch, Carolina M. ; Schrago, Carlos G. . Comparative evolutionary epidemiology of dengue virus serotypes. Infection, Genetics and Evolution (Print), v. 12, p. 309-314, 2012.


Contact info

  • Av. Getúlio Vargas, 333, Quitandinha, Petrópolis

  • Email: quelopes@lncc.br
  • Phone: (24) 2233-3561

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