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Quitandinha - Petrópolis, RJ, on October 13th-16th , 2015


Petropolis is a lovely town. Its streets and narrow roads offer moments of joy and pleasure for visitors, reporting them to the country history. The region is known by its particular and cosy climate during winter, and adequate temperatures for those escaping from high summer degrees. The historical town center of Petropolis, as much as its districts of Itaipava, Araras, Nogueira e Secretário all together offer a charming environment for the tourists.

Petropolis was founded in 1847 by D. Pedro II, the Brazilian Emperor, following his father wish of installing in the region his summer palace, in what is nowadays the Imperial Museum. The town remained as the official summer residence of Brazilian Presidents during the Republic, who would enjoy the season at the Rio Negro Palace.

Similarly, the decision to establish in Petropolis a second home for vacation has been taken by many artists that profit from its beauty as inspiration to their work.

Petropolis offers many tourism attractions worth enjoying, such as its: architecture, history, culture, natural views, tracks, shopping centers, well known gastronomy and hospitality. It is considered a jewel to be conserved and shared with those willing to discover an unveil its various facets.