Our Softwares


DSS - Data Science Suite

In current times where data is being generated in higher and higher volumes, analysing these data has become a matter of business and science success. Professionals in different fields are challenged to use the tools provided by data science to leverage the amount of available information. However, this is a daunting task as the type of data that must be analyzed is different for each field coupled with the fact that not all professionals have the coding skills necessary to express the analysis required for their specific problem. The challenge increases as data science has many different facets, be...

- CleanerR

CleanerR is an R language pack developed by Rafael Silva Pereira in the laboratory DEXL LAB, which uses a method based on Functional Dependencies and Information Theory to give a column or set of objective columns to be predicted, it finds the subset of attributes more relevant for predicting these target columns, seeking to minimize entropy distribution of target columns.It has its best results to predict catgorgoric attributes, to predict continuous functions, attributes must be discretized, or use another method. The packet has the ability to further detect which attributes are relevant to pre...

SAHA - Sistema para Acompanhamento Holístico de Atletas

Human Centric computing is a new area that places the human being at the heart of systems' functionality. In this work we present a system of this kind that supports the follow-up of high performance athletes. The system is structured on the follow-up of variations of athlete's observable conditions in time. A mobile object trajectory conceptual model has been adapted to model the variations of observable conditions on a virtual space, which has been named metaphoric trajectories. This system enables registering and analyzing athlete's metaphoric trajectories of different observable elements, su...

SAVIME - Simulation Analysis and Visualization In MEmory

SAVIME (Simulation Analysis and Visualization In MEmory) is a DBMS-like system that stores data in the format of typed multidimensional arrays. It is desgined to help querying and vizualize numerical simulation data. However, it can also be used as an analytical in-memory array database management system. SAVIME is at early development stages, and supports only a handful of operations. But it is already able to perform many tasks, even for large datasets in memory....

SimDB - Simulation Database

The investigation of a natural phenomenon explores its occurrence in some space-time reference frame. Typically, scientists select a set of observables that represent the phenomenon and record the latter through a spatio-time series defined by the former. Numerical Simulation reproduces a natural phenomenon by representing the space using a geometry mesh and computing the values of observables through time steps. In this work, we present SimDB, which is a system designed to manage numerical simulation data with observable values varying in space-time. We adopt a multidimensional ar...

QEF - Query Evaluation Framework

The QEF framework provides a Query Execution Environment Framework that helps users define and execute several types of requests. By "request", we mean a set of user defined operations or functions. Our system manages the execution of the request in a distributed environment (Grid environment), the communication between query execution components, and the access to heterogeneous data sources.Main Characteristics: Based on Query Engine Framework.Extensible: Application Algebra, Control Flow Operators, Heterogeneous Data Support.Distributed and Parallel Execution.Automatic, Adapti...