Event AI Systems Summit, Research 2022

Event AI Systems Summit, Research 2022

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The AI Systems Summit, Research brings together researchers, engineers and architects from universities, HPC centers, and national labs worldwide to address the design and deployment of AI systems for scientific purposes. The summit is free to attend for attendees from public research institutions.

The summit tackles the challenges of designing and integrating HPC systems that can support ever larger and more complex AI and scientific workloads. This year’s event will dissect results from MLPerf benchmarking submissions from institutions such as NERSC, ANL, FZJ and NCSA, and discuss approaches to systems heterogeneity and design for AI. The event will also cover augmenting simulation workloads with AI, debate the merits of GPU-based architectures vs. dataflow architectures, and discuss the limitations of current AI technology for science. Finally, the summit will feature focused case studies from research institutions who are building AI capabilities into their HPC centers.

The inaugural AI Systems Summit, Research in March 2021 drew attendees from 166 different research institutions and private companies across 28 different countries. 87% of the audience was from public research institutions.

Take advantage of the networking platform to meet the world’s leading AI & HPC researchers and systems designers.