SDM - Scientific Data Management


2013 - 2015

The term "Big Data" refers to the exponential volume of data being produced in the sciences practiced in silico and in web applications as social networks. In this project, if you are interested in those fruits of the scientific investigative process. In this context, the LNCC plays an important role in the national scenario, evidenced by its interinstitutional partnerships, and considered as a center of excellence in high performance computing and computational modeling. The volume of data generated by projects in these partnerships is of the order of petabytes, and their management requires challenging solutions, since the current computational ecosystem does not meet the complexity requirements of these applications is incapable of efficiently managing scientific data from the point of view of its nature and its volume. As an example of these partnerships in which the Data Extreme Lab (DEXL), coordinated by this proponent, participates can be mentioned the projects: Dark Energy Survey, in partnership with the National Observatory; Hemolab, in partnership with colleagues from the LNCC; and PELD-Guanabara, in partnership with researchers from research institutions in Rio de Janeiro. In continuation of the project of Management of Scientific Models, the present project intends to focus on three main points: the management of scientific hypotheses; the management of meshes of simulation and the processing of great volumes of data by scientific workflows.

Funding agency: CNPq

    Period: 2013 to 2015

    Total Funding: R $ 39,600.00

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