BaMBa: towards the integrated management of Brazilian marine environmental data

Authors: Pedro Milet Meirelles, Luiz M. R. Gadelha, Jr, Ronaldo Bastos Francini-Filho, Rodrigo Leão de Moura, Gilberto Menezes Amado-Filho, Alex Cardoso Bastos, Rodolfo Pinheiro da Rocha Paranhos, Carlos Eduardo Rezende, Jean Swings, Eduardo Siegle, Nils Edvin Asp Neto, Sigrid Neumann Leitão, Ricardo Coutinho, Marta Mattoso, Paulo S. Salomon, Rogério A.B. Valle, Renato Crespo Pereira, Ricardo Henrique Kruger, Cristiane Thompson, Fabiano L. Thompson
Published: 16-06-2015
A new open access database, Brazilian Marine Biodiversity (BaMBa) (, was developed in order to maintain large datasets from the Brazilian marine environment. Essentially, any environmental information can be added to BaMBa. Certified datasets obtained from integrated holistic studies, comprising physical–chemical parameters, -omics, microbiology, benthic and fish surveys can be deposited in the new database, enabling scientific, industrial and governmental policies and actions to be undertaken on marine resources. There is a significant number of databases, however BaMBa is the only integrated database resource both supported by a government initiative and exclusive for marine data. BaMBa is linked to the Information System on Brazilian Biodiversity (SiBBr, ) and will offer opportunities for improved governance of marine resources and scientists’ integration.

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