CoVeC: Coarse-Grained Vertex Clustering for Efficient Community Detection in Sparse Complex Networks

Authors: Gustavo S. Carnivali, Alex B. Vieira, Artur Ziviani, Paulo A. A. Esquef.
Published: 01-06-2020
This paper tackles the problem of community detection in large-scale graphs. In the literature devoted to this topic, an iterative algorithm, called Louvain Method (LM), stands out as an effective and fast solution for this problem. However, the first iterations of the LM are the most costly. To overcome this issue, this paper introduces CoVeC, a Coarse-grained Vertex Clustering for efficient community detection in sparse complex networks. CoVeC pre-processes the original graph in order to forward a graph of reduced size to the LM. The subsequent group formation, including the maximization of group quality, as per the modularity metric, is left to the LM. We evaluate our proposal using real-world and synthetic networks, presenting distinct sizes and sparsity levels. Overall, our experimental results show that CoVeC can be a way faster option than the first iterations of the LM, yet similarly effective. In fact, for sparser graphs, the combo CoVeC+LM outperforms the standalone LM and its variations, attaining a mean processing time reduction of 47% and a mean modularity reduction of only 0.4%.

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