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In current times where data is being generated in higher and higher volumes, analysing these data has become a matter of business and science success. Professionals in different fields are challenged to use the tools provided by data science to leverage the amount of available information. However, this is a daunting task as the type of data that must be analyzed is different for each field coupled with the fact that not all professionals have the coding skills necessary to express the analysis required for their specific problem. The challenge increases as data science has many different facets, being able to work with tabular data, texts, audio, images, and many other types of data. Because of this, a non-expert user faces various types of tools that must be mastered, one for each type of data.

DSS offers services for many different parts of data, it ranges between services to optimize a data scientist time, or to make it possible for people that lack prior knowlegde in the area so still be able to understand their own data, some services contained in the application are demonstrations of problems we work with in our lab, like plant classification (Classification with Deep Learning), Object Detection (Detecting different objects in image or video using deep learning) , while most make it possible for the user to work with their own data in a graphical interface, helping the user understanding their own data much more efficiently.

The service provided makes it possible to work with tabular and graph data, as well as text data,time series. and images.

The service is free for the general public, but has limitations on dataset size, if your problem needs more computing power or larger dataset sizes, all services are provided via docker images on DockerHub.

The user may understand more about the system by taking a look at its article on publications.

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