Anderson Chaves da Silva

Position Held:
PhD Student

University graduate / Profession:
PhD Student



Personal Links:
A Ph.D. student at the National Laboratory for Scientific Computing (LNCC) and also a software developer, Anderson Silva has a M.Sc. degree in Systems and Computing from the Military Institute of Engineering (IME) since 2018. He has defended his dissertation in the area of Spectral Graph Theory, presenting theorems and heuristics for the Maximum Algebraic Connectivity Augmentation Problem. In the same year, he worked at LNCC on high-performance computing tasks. He has received a B.Sc. degree in Computer Science from Universitary Center Serra dos Órgãos (Unifeso) in Teresópolis (Brazil) in 2014, where he developed a system that used image processing techniques, in Python. He has also worked both as an instructor and in the development of commercial systems.

Interest Areas

  • Spectral Graph Theory
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Image Processing



Anderson Chaves da Silva