André Muniz Demori

Position Held
University graduate / Profession
+55 24 988182670

Graduaded as a Telecommunications Technician by CEFET and currently studying Information Technology and Communication by FAETERJ. I have professional experience at Globosat Programadora Ltda working in the Technical Center Reception of Signals and later working as Image Director in the period of the Rio 2016 Olympics covering various events. It was the biggest coverage in the history of the Olympic Games.. I am currently working on the project titled Metric Indexing in Space Junctions in Dexl Lab (Extreme Data Lab) under the guidance of Prof.Dr. Fábio Porto where I work with database index, data analysis and software development for solutions in astronomy.

Areas of Interest

Data indexing structures, Big Data, Database, Data Analysis, Astronomy, Telecomunications, Software Development, Web Development, Computer Organization, Computer Network.

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