Welcome to DEXL

The Extreme Data Lab is part of the Computer Science Department at The National Laboratory of Scientific Computing. In cooperation with various institutes in Brazil and abroad it aims at exploring data management, representation and analysis techniques to support scientific applications. Currently, the Lab takes part in projects in Astronomy, Bio-Chemistry, Sports, Bioinformatics and Ecology. Our strength is in formal data representation, distributed and parallel query processing and data analysis. The Lab develops software prototypes intended to be used by the target scientific community, of which QEF is the most advanced example.

  • Scientific Query Processing
  • Scientific Workflow Data Management
  • Semantic Data Modelling
  • Data Mining Applied to Scientific Data
  • Data Integration
  • BioInformatics Data Management
  • Astronomy Data Management
  • Scientific Data Warehouse


DEXL in the news:

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Many Faces of Distances, October 22-24, 2014 - Campinas, Brazil

  XLDB - Extremely Large Databases, June 3-4, 2014

  MUSIC - Gerência de dados cientí­ficos em uma nuvem multi-site, 2014-2016

Jornada em Big Data, curso de verão 2014 LNCC, Fevereiro de 2014

  Nova Startup no Parque Tecnológico do LNCC, Fevereiro de 2014

  Projeto: Laboratório Olímpico - Aprovada a utilização de parte do prédio do parque Maria Lenk para instalação do laboratório, Março de 2014

  Prof Fabio Porto participa de projeto de pesquisa e desenvolvimento com o centro de pesquisa no Brasil da EMC, Janeiro de 2014