SAVIME: A Database Management System for Simulation Data Analysis and Visualization

  • 2019

Fabio Porto, Hermano Lourenço Souza Lustosa, Patrick Valduriez

Limitations in current DBMSs prevent their wide adoption in scientific applications. In order to make scientific applications benefit from DBMS support, enabling declarative data analysis and visualization over scientific data, we present an in-memory array DBMS system called SAVIME. In this work we describe the system SAVIME, along with its data model. Our preliminary evaluation show how SAVIME, by using a simple storage definition language (SDL) can outperform the state-of-the-art array database sy...

A conceptual vision toward the management of Machine Learning models

  • 2019

Fabio Porto, Adolfo Simões, Carlos Leonardo Souza Cardoso, Rafael Silva Pereira, Hermano Lourenço Souza Lustosa, Klaus Wehmuth, Artur Ziviani, João Guilherme Nobre Rittmeyer, Daniel N. Ramos da Silva, Yania Molina Souto, Douglas Ericson Marcelino de Oliveira, Flavia Delicato, Eduardo Ogasawara, Heleno Campos, Luciana E. G. Vignoli, Rebecca Salles, Paulo de F. Pires

To turn big data into actionable knowledge, the adoption of machine learning (ML) methods has proven to be one of the de facto approaches.When elaborating an appropriate ML model for a given task, one typically builds many models and generates several data artifacts.Given the amount of information associated with the developed models performance, their appropriate selection is often difficult. Therefore, appropriately comparing a set of competitive ML models and choosing one according to an arbi...

Point pattern search in big data

  • 2018

Fabio Porto, João Guilherme Nobre Rittmeyer, Eduardo S. Ogasawara, Alberto Krone-Martins, Patrick Valduriez, Dennis E. Shasha

SSDBM 2018: 21:1-21:12...

TARS: An Array Model with Rich Semantics for Multidimensional Data

  • 2017

Fabio Porto, Hermano Lourenço Souza Lustosa, Noel Moreno Lemus, Patrick Valduriez

 ER Forum/Demos 2017: 114-127...

Database System Support of Simulation Data

  • 2016

Fabio Porto, Hermano Lourenço Souza Lustosa, Pablo Blanco, Patrick Valduriez

2016): 1329-1340 (PVLDB 9(13))...

A Unifying Model for Representing Time-Varying Graphs

  • 2015

Klaus Wehmuth, Artur Ziviani, E. Fleury

IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics - IEEE DSAA 2015, Paris, France