Over the past decades, we have seen a revolution in the way science and engineering has been conducted. Specially, computation became an established third brand of science alongside theory and experiment. This new effect is called e-Science, which is computationally intensive science. Scientists now need to access and exploit very large data collections, very large scale computing resources that are geographically distributed through the use of high speed networks. Moreover, they also require high performance visualization. Consequently, we are facing new problems, related to modeling, managing and construction of scientific data, software and all kind of knowledge created on the scientific scenario. In order to attack the next generation of scientific problems, multidisciplinary and distributed teams of scientists need to collaborate to make progress on these new “Grand Challenges”. Current advances in Computing research - including ontologies, artificial intelligence, scientific process/workflow modeling, semantic web services, software component management, grid computing, resource modeling, process and data provenance, data curation, among others - can help in these “Grand Challenges”. Several national and international projects around the world have been initiated to carry out research and innovation activities that will transform the goal of e-Science and Grid computing into a reality. The IV e-Science workshop aims at bringing together recent developments in Computing towards an infrastructure to accomplish science in the large, supporting the next generation of scientific research and experiments. The definition, execution and management of scientific experiments can no longer be developed in an ad-hoc manner. The topic of e-science or cyberinfrastructure is part of the “Grand Challenges in Computer Science Research in Brazil – 2006 – 2016” report from the Brazilian Computer Society.

Call for papers

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Scope of Conference

The topics of interest of the workshop include (but are not limited to):

  • e-Science and Grid applications
  • e-Science and Cloud Computing
  • e-Science workflow management
  • Ontologies and databases for e-Science
  • Data and process provenance
  • Collaborative Science Models and Techniques
  • Data Access Management
  • Virtual e-Science Organizations
  • Service-Oriented Grid Architectures
  • Grid economy and Business Models
  • Autonomic, Real-Time and Self-Organizing Grids
  • Web semantics for e-Science
  • Enabling Technologies for e-Science: Internet and Web Services
  • e-Science Experimentation Environments
  • Experimentation processes for science in large scale
  • Scientific Knowledge Management applied to science in large scale
  • Arts, Humanities and e-Social Science
  • Bioinformatics and Health
  • Physical Sciences and Engineering
  • Climate & Earth Sciences

Important Dates

  • Deadline for submissions (full papers and posters): **** Extend **** April 7st, 2011
  • Notification of acceptance: May 2nd, 2011
  • Camera ready due: May 23rd, 2011

Previous Events

  • 2010 - IV Brazilian e-Science (in conjunction with XXX CSBC), Belo Horizonte
  • 2009 - III e-Science Workshop (in conjunction with XXIV SBBD and XXIII SBES), Fortaleza
  • 2008 - II e-Science Workshop (in conjunction with XXIII SBBD and XXII SBES), Campinas
  • 2007 - I e-Science Workshop (in conjunction with XXII SBBD and XXI SBES), João Pessoa

General Organization

  • Fabio Porto
  • Marisa F. Nicolas