The QEF framework provides a Query Execution Environment Framework that helps users define and execute several types of requests. By "request", we mean a set of user defined operations or functions. Our system manages the execution of the request in a distributed environment (Grid environment), the communication between query execution components, and the access to heterogeneous data sources.

Main Characteristics:

  • Based on Query Engine Framework.

  • Extensible: Application Algebra, Control Flow Operators, Heterogeneous Data Support.

  • Distributed and Parallel Execution.

  • Automatic, Adaptive Scheduling of Operators.

  • Team

    LNCC Computer Science Department

    Douglas Oliveira -
    Fábio Porto -


    This work was partially funded by CNPq, edict Research Productivity - 2009, process:309502/2009-8, and by PCI


    QEF Manual