Search in Algorithms and Applications in Data Mining in the context of CEFET / RJ

Search in Algorithms and Applications in Data Mining in the context of CEFET / RJ

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    LNCC, Petrópolis RJ Brazil

Data Mining (MD) is the process of analyzing object collections to detect systematic relationships between the properties of these objects to generate knowledge that is not easily detected. The MD process includes four general steps: data selection, data preprocessing, MD methods and algorithms, and data analysis. MD research may involve each of these steps individually or the process as a whole. In the context of CEFET / RJ, the research involves the development of algorithms and MD applications that are focused on solving practical problems. Each of the subjects investigated can be classified in basic or applied research. The themes related to basic research are those that lead to the development of knowledge and new tools that do not have immediate application to the real problems. Applied research topics consist of real MD issues that use the tools previously developed for your solution. The focus of the research is on the following objectives: (i) obtaining relevant scientific results in MD, highlighting the relationship between the theoretical framework and its applications to solve practical problems; (ii) the development of human resources, through the participation of high school, undergraduate and graduate students; (iii) dissemination of research results through the organization of scientific meetings and events related to MD.