National Institute for Science and Technology for Data Science


Data Science is a recent discipline. The National Institute for Science and Technology for Data Science (INCT-CiD) intends to be reference in Brazil in this new field. The INCT-CiD concentrates its efforts in the following research areas: data management; data analysis; and analysis of complex networks. In each of these lines of investigation, the institute will evaluate algorithms, techniques, and models in the development of science data. By concentrating its efforts in these fundamental aspects, INCT-CiD aims at structuring the discipline in Brazil. We intend to form the basis for advances in the area, by producing scientifically sound results on which the industry may develop high quality products and find qualified personnel to meet its demands. Complementarily, interdisciplinary graduate programs, as the one in Computational Modeling offered by LNCC, have the potential to boost data science as the focus of human resource training, given the existing integration between mathematics, modeling and computing areas. It is expected, therefore, that the INCT-CiD should also collaborate with the training of researchers and scientists to act as data professionals. The INCT-CiD aims at contributing to better position Brazil in the knowledge society. It is a well- known fact that in modern societies, technology is in the mainstream path to transform and distribute knowledge, as much as affecting a large spectrum of citizen’s life. In its current status, technology as a tool and knowledge as an asset influence people relationships, business decisions, leisure activities, and rights perceptions. As the amount of information on our hands opens up a new, varied, and different world, taking the right choices requires processing that information into knowledge and decision-making. This is the point where data analytics step up as an orchestrated approach enabling the transformation of data from different sources and types in huge volumes into meaningful insights and knowledge discovery. As a discipline embarking the set of techniques, methods, and tools to support data analytics, Data Science investigates this new scenario of data-driven decision-making, based on more accurate predictions that empower individuals, governments, and companies, thus leveraging our society. Under the certitude that this is a path that Brazil should pursue in the following years, the INCT- CiD proposes itself to foster and be a reference in Data Science in the country. In this context, the INCT-CiD is structured around three main axes: human resource training: focusing on courses in different levels in Data Science; basic and applied research: developing techniques, algorithms, models and prototypes in support to the analyses and processing of huge volumes of data; and innovation: transferring the results to industry and government.

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